All About Beer A beer tent at the finish line of a 5K is not an uncommon sight, but the latest fitness pairing—yoga and beer—is bringing the workout inside the brewery. Yoga instructors are partnering with breweries across the country, from Hoppy Yoga at San Diego’s Green Flash Brewing Co. to OM Brew Yoga at Florida’s Funky […]

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The New York Times

I was interviewed in December about BrewAsanas for the The New York Times - my interview didn’t make the cut, but BrewAsanas got a mention!   A chef, 24 yogis and a dog walk into an Art Deco bar. It’s 10:30 a.m. on a recent Sunday, and most of the yogis have just completed a 2.3-mile run through downtown […]

Drink the Nation

Check out BrewAsanas in Drink the Nation! Time to get your ‘om’ on Denver! Adrienne Rinaldi, AKA BeerSnobChick, is bringing together two favorite pastimes: Yoga and beer. Well, actually she’s bringing together her favorite pastimes and DrinkDenver is totally on board. We recently attended one of her unique Brewasanasas classes at Jagged Mountain Brewery downtown. Rinaldi, a certified yoga instructor, […]

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5280 magazine blog

Check out BeerSnobChick and Brew Asanas mention in 5280 Magazine’s blog, “Prana Meets Pints.” Namaste. Stand at the front of your mat, eyes closed, sides of the big toes touching, spine straight, arms at your sides. Now, take a deep breath, inhaling the wonderful scent of hops… And so begins another yoga class in […]

Women’s Health magazine blog

BrewAsanas is listed in the Denver/Boulder (and surrounding) of Women’s Health magazine blog!



The Yoga Journal blog

BrewAsanas is very excited to get a mention in the Yoga Journal. Check it out!

Elevation Outdoor magazine

Check out BrewAsanas in Elevation Outdoor magazine!

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Denver Off The Wagon

Weekend off the Wagon March 22-24, BrewAsanas at Wit’s End made the calendar.