Namaste with a Twist!

Brew & Asana: A BeerSnobChick's Guide to Yoga and Beer

A book with brews paired with asanas (poses).

Meet the best of both worlds with a beer and yoga book all in one place. You thought yoga in breweries were fun, you will be able to take it home, or on the go!

Beer and Yoga How To Guide

A BeerSnobChick's Guide
To Successfully Teach Beer and Yoga in Breweries


Yoga and Beer

All the questions you've been asking on how to make teaching beer and yoga in breweries successful. In this beer and yoga How To Guide you'll get the following:

  • Email pitch sample templates to breweries
  • Waivers and insurance
  • Price of classes
  • Marketing solutions including:
    • Newsletter marketing
    • Social Media marketing
  • Taking credit/debit payments
  • Website and scheduling software
  • ... and more 

Get your beer and yoga How To Guide copy today!

Everything you want to know about beer and yoga how-to guide, beer and yoga in breweries, marketing beer and yoga events all for one low price of $10.99!

*PDF delivered within 3 days after purchase.

Get your Beer and Yoga How To Guide for ONLY $10.99!


Beer and Yoga Events

Brew Asanas™ LLC used to hold a rocking one-hour yoga class and follow it up with a beer in a local brewery. While currently Brew Asanas™ LLC is not teaching in beer and yoga in breweries, we are help yoga teachers with marketing and hosting beer and yoga events, and getting students connected with beer and yoga events in your area!

Yoga teachers who want to post/host their beer and yoga events on or if you want to learn more about how to host a successful beer and yoga event, contact Brew Asanas™ LLC

Yoga teachers start teaching yoga in breweries!

In the Media

Good Morning America – Online
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“You could pretty much do yoga anywhere and yoga is whatever you make it to be,” Rinaldi said. “You meet new people and chat. It really lends to a great social environment.” Full article:  

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Like peanut butter and jelly, wine and cheese and all those other matches made in heaven—beer and yoga have finally found one another. OK, so not everyone is so convinced that getting your bandhas and a buzz on at the … Read More

The New York Times
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I was interviewed in December about BrewAsanas for the The New York Times – my interview didn’t make the cut, but BrewAsanas got a mention!   A chef, 24 yogis and a dog walk into an Art Deco bar. It’s 10:30 a.m. on a … Read More

Drink the Nation
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Check out BrewAsanas in Drink the Nation! Time to get your ‘om’ on Denver! Adrienne Rinaldi, AKA BeerSnobChick, is bringing together two favorite pastimes: Yoga and beer. Well, actually she’s bringing together her favorite pastimes and DrinkDenver is totally on board. … Read More

5280 magazine blog
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Check out BeerSnobChick and Brew Asanas mention in 5280 Magazine’s blog, “Prana Meets Pints.” Namaste. Stand at the front of your mat, eyes closed, sides of the big toes touching, spine straight, arms at your sides. Now, take a … Read More

Women’s Health magazine blog
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BrewAsanas is listed in the Denver/Boulder (and surrounding) of Women’s Health magazine blog!

The Yoga Journal blog
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BrewAsanas is very excited to get a mention in the Yoga Journal. Check it out!

Elevation Outdoor magazine
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Check out BrewAsanas in Elevation Outdoor magazine!

Denver Off The Wagon
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Weekend off the Wagon March 22-24, BrewAsanas at Wit’s End made the calendar.

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BrewAsanas partners with local breweries to host an introduction to both Vinyasa yoga and good beer!